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NoScript Firefox plugin secretly disables Adblock Plus

Apparently Giorgio Maone, the developer of the NoScript extension for Firefox, has been indulging in some borderline-malware tactics in order to make sure the ads on his site don’t get blocked by the (excellent and popular) Adblock Plus extension.  This is a shame, because NoScript is a genuinely useful tool, but I no longer feel comfortable using it.

Details are available at this post on the ABP blog.

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2 Responses to “NoScript Firefox plugin secretly disables Adblock Plus”

  1. Shiftless says:

    I never really liked NoScript. The YesScript and QuickJava extensions make much more sense!


  2. Thanks for those. I had originally grabbed NoScript just to blacklist Slashdot’s scripts, which were freezing Firefox for several seconds. YesScript would probably be more appropriate for that.

    Slashdot does seem to be more well-behaved now, though. Not sure if they cleaned up their code, or if FF 3.0.10 just handles it better than previous versions did.

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