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Firefox Portable + GnuPG + FireGPG = CryptoFox

I’ve been talking about this for a while, but I finally got around to doing it.  I’ve put together a software package consisting of Firefox Portable, GNU Privacy Guard, and FireGPG.  I’m calling it “CryptoFox”.  You can download it here.

The idea behind this is to lower the barrier to entry for using PGP encryption.  If you want to communicate privately with someone, instead of having to guide them through the install process for 3 different components, you can just have them download CryptoFox and run it.  No installation is required.

It’s also a little tricky to set FireGPG and GnuPG up to function portably.  If you want to run them from a USB stick on any computer, I’ve already done the hard part for you.

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8 Responses to “Firefox Portable + GnuPG + FireGPG = CryptoFox”

  1. crashsystems says:

    I’ve not tried it yet (on a Linux box currently), but this looks really nice. I wrote a guide for email encryption aimed at non-geeks, which uses FireGPG (http://crashsystems.net/projects/email-encryption-guide/). I’ll be sure to put a link to this in future versions!

  2. Linux user here, too. I used VirtualBox to put it together.

  3. Alex Miller says:

    You should also check out MailCloak. Does the same thing quite easily. http://www.getmailcloak.com

  4. MailCloak is proprietary software (as opposed to Free Software), so I’m not willing to promote it. Practically speaking, I’m not allowed to redistribute it, so it can’t be part of CryptoFox. It also only runs on Windows. FireGPG runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so people only have to learn one interface, regardless of what operating system they use.

  5. Scott Blystone says:

    Hi Chris! Thanks for all the effort. I plan on downloading it and trying it out when I get a bit more time, possibly next week.

  6. Glen says:

    Just downloaded this so far so good but can i update FireGPG and firefox as they are old versions now

    also if a user hase a GPG keyring they need to add the following files (pubring.gpg, secring.gpg and trustdb.gpg) to the GnuPG folder PGP users may need to use a copy of gpg to inport their keys

  7. Glen says:

    updating firefox breaks GPG any advice on how to recterfy

  8. Lars says:

    Love your package!
    Keep up the good work:).

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