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How to get ProFont working in Ubuntu

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

At the suggestion of a friend, I’ve recently started using a font called “ProFont” for my programming and other terminal-related activities.  It’s quite nice, and designed to be readable at small sizes.  I use it at 8 point:

8 point ProFont in an 80x24 terminal

8 point ProFont in an 80x24 terminal

I don’t actually use 80×24 anymore, but you get the idea.

It didn’t immediately work when I installed it on my main machine (which runs Kubuntu), and it took some digging to figure out why.  It turns out that fonts on modern Linux machines are handled by a horrible chimera.  There’s the new font system, “fontconfig”, as well as the old “core X font subsystem”.  The instructions that I had found online installed ProFont into the old font system, but not into the new one.  I also tried using the GUI font configuration tool provided by KDE, but it did nothing.

After much searching and frustration, I discovered that Ubuntu and its variants have fontconfig configured to not use bitmap fonts by default.  ProFont is a bitmap font, and such fonts are usually used by old X applications that use the old font system.  The reason for this configuration is that a lot of the bitmap fonts have the same name as other fonts on your system, and if they’re enabled they may in some instances end up being used instead of the typically better-looking vector fonts that you usually see.

In order to get ProFont working, you’ll need to add an exception to your fontconfig configuration.  I suggest editing the ~/.fonts.conf file, which contains user-specific options.  Here’s mine, with the part that I added in bold: (more…)