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CryptoFox is a software package containing Firefox Portable, GNU Privacy Guard, and FireGPG, all pre-configured and ready to use. It provides an easy to use platform for OpenPGP encryption which can be run on any Windows PC, with no installation required.


The "Self-Extracting Archive" is probably what you want. Just download it, run it, choose a location to extract CryptoFox to, and run the "FirefoxPortable.exe" that's in the newly-created CryptoFox folder.

Version 1

Includes Firefox Portable 3.0.10, GNU Privacy Guard 1.4.9, and FireGPG 0.7.5. See the README for more information.

Self-Extracting Archive CryptoFox-v1.exe
PGP Signature CryptoFox-v1.exe.sig
SHA1 Hash CryptoFox-v1.exe.sha1
Zip Archive CryptoFox-v1.zip
PGP Signature CryptoFox-v1.zip.sig
SHA1 Hash CryptoFox-v1.zip.sha1