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You can find some of my current work on my GitHub account. A few of my older projects are listed here:

AEIOU (An Electronic IOU)

I've been working intermittently since 2006 on an open-source web application for creating and managing anonymous, cash-like electronic currencies. More details are available at the project's Development Blog.

Promoting the use of OpenPGP encryption

I try to secure as much of my communication as possible using end-to-end encryption. I typically use either OpenPGP for long-form messages or "Off The Record Messaging" for instant messages.

This only works if the person that I'm communicating with also uses these same protocols. End-to-end encryption is subject to network effects: the more people there are using it, the more others will have reason to use it (and the fewer people there are using it, the less others will have reason to).

Because of this, I intend to start holding local skillshares on the use of OpenPGP, which is currently the most comprehensive and well-developed end-to-end encryption protocol. As a first step, I've put together a software package that I'm calling "CryptoFox" (consisting of GnuPG, Portable Firefox, and FireGPG), which can easily be downloaded by anyone and run anywhere without any extra setup (beyond creating a personal OpenPGP keypair).

As of yet unnamed MUD server

This is an old project of mine, and I haven't worked on it lately, but I do intend to go back to it.

I'm making an experimental MUD server. It will eventually feature a procedurally-generated universe; player-created buildings, vehicles, and items, all made from pre-defined building blocks; player factions which can fight over control of territory and resources.

The current code is written in C++, and has basic connection handling and command parsing features, as well as the terrain-generation algorithm that I had been experimenting with. I wanted to add a plugin API, but doing so in C++ is kind of a pain. I've decided do a rewrite next time I get back into working on the project, probably in Objective C. Once I do so, I'll make the code available online.